Sweet 19 yo Diane showing off

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  • Описание: Normally I always find something to gripe about with these chicks, but not with Diane. She is pretty, smart, talkative but not annoyingly so, and doesn't bitch about anything. I would describe her as almost wholesome so when she s

    ays "fuck" it's like a jolt to your ears, like she just said something totally taboo. Considering how un-porn she is - in a good way! - I'm a little shocked how much she knows about what turns us on. During the blowjob POV, Diane maintains eye contact pretty much the entire time as she enthusiastically sucks Jay's cock, same when she lets him shoot his cum inside her mouth. So you feel like she's blowing you and swallowing your cum. The cumshot's pretty funny actually: after getting banged bent over the bathroom sink, she needs to pee. While she's sitting on the toilet, Jay walks up to her and just shoots his cum in her mouth. And she's all smiles and just seems so happy to make him cum. She shows us the load in her mouth and then swallows it. But she's just awesome all the way leading up to that. I still don't know what her racial background is because Jay never asked during the interview. I'll remind him to do that because I know you want to know. So do I. I'm sitting here, jerking off to her video, and don't know if she's Mexican or Thai or Martian. We learn all sorts of other stuff about her though. Mainly, how normal she is. Yes, there are hot girls who do porn and they're not batshit insane. Go figure. I can't guarantee Diane will ever do another video but I sure hope she does. Preferably with me. So her eye contact with the cameras during sex is fantastic, like I said. I felt like I'm there banging her myself watching this. My fave is the blowjob part. Or maybe doggy, it gets pretty rough because she likes it that way. Or maybe when she gets off with fingers in her ass and a vibrator on her clit. That one surprised her. Or maybe the rimjob part...Yes, this lovely young lady licks Jay's ass for a bit, and while she's clearly not used to doing that, she never complains. Some of what Jay has her do seems new to her but she's a great sport in all of it. For example, I can tell she's not really into being on top (except when she's getting fucked hard and fast, she does seem to like that. A lot) but she plays along anyway. She just really wants to please, is all I'm sayin'. Diane also likes to watch herself get fucked, which is why Jay tells her to go into the bathroom and position herself in front of the mirror for some more cock action before she gets to swallow his cum. There's just something super hot about watching a girl watch herself having sex. Especially if that girl is Diane because she so does not seem like the overly slutty type who does that kind of thing on a regular basis. I love how calm and sweet and yet utterly dirty she is. So will you.

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